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Earn a Residual Income While you Save

merchant-shareNMS US likes to push the envelope and stand out! When we told others what “MERCHANT SHARE” was all about, they thought we were crazy! They were right. We are crazy about our customers, which is why we don’t mind sharing referral fees with them either!

Imagine, if you save money every month on your merchant fees… good thought isn’t it? Now, imagine telling another business owner about how well our company performed. You do it everyday! When you see a good movie, or eat at a good restaurant, what do you do? You tell someone about the experience. Imagine telling someone about the money you saved and getting that person in touch with your representitive. Once the other business owner becomes a customer, we provide a monthly referral fee for the life of the account referral.
Sound to good to be true? NO WAY! Customer satisfaction is our life blood, and when merchants share their success story, it translates to account growth. We are pleased to reward existing customers with referral fees through our program called “Merchant Share”. Just contact us at info@nmsus.com!