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6ae66d7d8c434534b8b3eded5a74ff11NMS US offers corporate billers the most advanced, streamlined one-time and recurring bill payment solutions in the industry. We partner with the world’s largest credit card processor so you can keep expenses down while minimizing the aggravation and complications associated with multiple bills and payment channels.

With NMS US, your business can enjoy best-in-class service and technology — and keep your operations running more smoothly than ever before.

Corporate Billing Benefits

You’ll love working with NMS US because we’ll provide you with the products and services you need to operate your business in the most cost effective way possible. NMS US offers:

  • A secure lockbox network with ARC and ICL electronic clearing capabilities, which provide a noticeable reduction in float
  • A single payment gateway that supports multiple online payment options, in addition to IVR, CSR and in-person payments
  • State-of-the-art security that protects your customers’ most sensitive data
  • Solution-driven customer service that includes web-based receivables reporting, reconciliation and exception handling
  • Process outsourcing, EFT enrollment and change of address capability