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66392d9d5a674e37c475dc759f7faff3NMS US is pleased to offer a comprehensive, industry-leading financial aid disbursement solution to educational institutions. With the Money Network from First Data, your school can make the financial aid process smoother for your students, including getting an electronic refund and complying with Title IV requirements.

A Fast and Hassle-Free Disbursement

When you choose NMS US and Money Network Financial Aid Disbursement Services from First Data, the days of waiting in line at the bursar’s office or looking for a check in the mailbox are over. The Money Network lets your students have faster access to their funds, which makes your job a lot easier. With NMS US and the Money Network, you can:

  • Take an important step toward 100% electronic pay
  • Avoid costly paper check expenses
  • Assure faster payment of school expenses as well as access to funds
  • Enjoy enhanced security and greater control
  • Get peace of mind with FDIC insurance
  • Benefit from individual accounts branded with Visa or MasterCard
  • Receive ATM and check access
  • Implement multiple payment sources on a single account, such as from cash, employers, tax refunds and ACH transfers