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593d47_001f16d1b4fe47f3a38aa304d2ce3432-300x244Secure Credit Card Processing From NMS-US

Accepting credit card payments takes your business to the next level in terms of speed, safety and customer appeal. As a smart entrepreneur, you know that not all credit card processing solutions are created equal. Not only does your business need a reliable credit card processing system, but you also need your customers’ data to remain secure — all at affordable pricing.

At NMS-US, our solution-driven company is focused on the success of your business. Not only do we guarantee the lowest payment processing rates in the industry, but we also offer a generous Merchant Referral Program called “Merchant Share” that improves your bottom line by earning you a residual income.

805abc8eb599f35665c90fde534fde4aWe’re Passionate About Your Success

Unlike a lot of credit card processors, we care about your unique business. We want to keep your costs low, because when you succeed, we succeed. NMS-US is affiliated with a Native American owned company and the worlds largest credit card processor. Because of these long term relationships, we are able to offer you the lowest credit card payment rates in the industry.
In fact, if you can find lower credit card processing rates, NMS-US will pay you $1,000 — that’s our guarantee.
When you partner with NMS-US, you’ll benefit from :

  • Fast and secure remote credit card processing, telephone credit card processing and point of sale processing
  • Cutting-edge pin pads, processing terminals and check readers, including a complimentary credit card terminal with more than $10,000 in monthly transactions
  • The ability to accept all credit and debit cards, including Visa, Master card, Diner’s Club and Discover
  • American Express® Opt Blue™, a brand new option that’s perfect for small business owners
  • Instant check approval through Tele check
  • The latest industry technology that streamlines transactions while improving cyber security
  • Unparalleled customer service that is solution-driven and focused on your success
  • MERCHANT SHARE, our referral program that allows you to make a residual income.