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593d47_ce8c29d7720a47df86706579b214825bBatch Credit Card Processing Through   NMS US

When a customer patronizes your business and pays for a purchase with a credit card, that may be the last time he thinks about it until the bill comes due. As a business owner, that’s just the beginning.
When the end of the day comes, and you print out your list of credit card transactions, you’ll earn payment for those purchases. How efficiently you manage your credit card batch processing fees greatly affects your bottom line.

How Batch Processing Works

Each credit card issuer is responsible for releasing payment to your business. In exchange for releasing payment — and having access to the credit card issuer’s customers — the issuer charges a fee. In addition to this interchange fee — which is non-negotiable — the payment processor that sends each transaction to the appropriate issuer who also charges fees. These fees, unlike interchange fees, are negotiable.

NMS US is passionate about helping your business succeed. Our success depends on your success, and that’s why we are committed to charging you the lowest guaranteed payment processing rates in the industry. We can do this because of our affiliation with the worlds largest credit card processor and a Native American-owned company. This means you get the same cutting-edge technologies, solution-driven customer service and full service ISO options that other processors offer — but for a lot less money.