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e063861c1cab44cea01ced62076ead6dIf you’re the proprietor of a restaurant or food service business, you need to provide your patrons with fast and attentive service. You also need to cut back on costs that don’t directly affect the customer experience — without sacrificing your reputation. When you need a reliable, fast and secure restaurant payment system, NMS-US is your go-to choice.

At NMS-US, we provide a broad range of restaurant point of sale systems that can meet your specific needs. Whether you require mobile or wireless processing , secure online ordering and payment or a cutting-edge countertop system, NMS-US is your cost effective solution.

The Best Technology With No Sacrifices

At NMS-US, we can guarantee your business the lowest possible rates on payment processing because we’re affiliated with a Native American-owned company and we can pass our tax savings on to you in the form of the lowest possible rates. Don’t believe us? Find a lower rate elsewhere and we’ll pay you $1,000 — it’s that simple.

Best of all, because we’re the only company that can guarantee the lowest rates because of tax status, we can also provide your business with the same processing technologies available elsewhere. That means you don’t have to sacrifice your reputation by accepting our low processing fees. It also means you get to take advantage of the newest, most exciting payment technologies in the industry.

What to Know About NMS-US

NMS-US offers a huge range of payment systems that provide fast and secure end-to-end processing. When you partner with us, you can choose from:

  • State-of-the-art Clover POS that can manage more than just payments with elegant, tablet-style technology
  • PIN pad technology that protects your customers’ confidential payment information
  • MICR check scanners and Telecheck services that accurately and quickly process personal check information
  • Credit card terminals for counter top and telephone transactions
  • Online hosted pay and in-website payment technology that is fast and secure — and gives your customers the option to pay with Paypal

Not only does NMS-US provide cutting-edge technology, but your business will also benefit from:

  • Solution-driven service that gives you the answers you need quickly
  • Analytics that reveal the habits and trends that drive patron spending
  • Same day funding, merchant cash advances and business loans that improve continuity
  • Powerful cyber security that protects customer data — and your reputation
  • A unique referral program called “Merchant Share” that pays you a residual income for referring business our way
  • An industry guide that will reveal emerging trends and best practices, so you can make better decisions