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Hands holding money dollars isolated on white background Need a Merchant Services Cash Advance?

Whether your company is just getting off the ground or has been established for years, many businesses find themselves in need of merchant cash advance loans. Perhaps you want to update your store’s layout or you need capital to fund an expansion of your building. Maybe you want to fix the cracks in your parking lot or bring on a new staff member to help diversify your offerings.

Whatever the reason, your business needs money. And NMS US can help. We offer merchant account cash advance options to companies just like yours because we’re passionate about helping other businesses grow.

Our merchant cash advance funding comes in varying amounts, depending on your needs. We’re more flexible than a traditional bank, and our customers don’t have to wade through mounds and mounds of paperwork to get their money. Our services are designed to help clients save time and money — our process is quick, easy and convenient.

383cffbfc9ac837f461cb9d5ef9a1b10How Does a Merchant Cash Advance Unsecured Business Loan Work?

Merchant cash advance lenders allow businesses to get the money they need in a timely manner. The merchant borrows against future sales, and the money is made available in one lump sum, rather than being doled out little by little over a period of years or months.

At NMS US we offer fast approval on our cash advance merchant services. There’s no waiting around worrying if your business will be approved. And our merchant cash advance rates are the best in class, because we keep our overhead costs low. Because we are affiliated with a Native American-owned company that is not required to pay taxes, we can offer those savings on to our clients. We love watching you grow, because we care about your success.

Paying Back a Cash Advance on Merchant Accounts Is Simple

You shouldn’t have to set aside money each month or worry about making your payment on time. There’s no date when a loan must be paid off by.
Instead, we can set aside a percentage of your daily credit card sales to pay back the loan, a no-fuss system that’s one of the biggest advantages to using cash advances for merchant accounts. Plus, you repay the money based on your cash flow. There’s no set amount due every month, so you can pay it back at your own pace and on your own timeline — not your lender’s.

The Best Merchant Cash Advance Direct Lenders

Cash advance services is the smartest way for your business to get cash on hand to help expand your business, pay off debts or grow your line of merchandise. You can feel secure when you borrow from NMS US.
Contact us at info@nmsus.com today to start your business on the road to securing a cash advance. We’ll be happy to give you a free quote to help you expand and improve your business.