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slide3Accept Gift Cards and Boost Your Business

Gift cards are a booming business. Two-thirds of Americans have bought gift cards to give as a gift, and gift cards have topped the list of things people want for the holidays every year since 2007. That’s why many smart businesses are getting into the gift card business.

Gift cards are a great way to get people to spend more money at your store in a number of ways. Someone looking for a gift for a friend may pick up a gift card instead of wandering to another shop. People redeeming gift cards spend an average of 20 percent more than their card is worth, giving your business extra revenue. Forty percent of gift card recipients do not spend the full value of the card, either — which also puts extra money in your pocket.

NMS US has a full selection of gift card options. Whether you have never accepted a gift card, you want to upgrade from a paper system or you’re simply looking to change your provider, we can help you find a package that is right for your business. We are passionate about helping other businesses grow.

Merchant Gift Cards: A Smart Way to Shop

Let NMS US administer your company gift card program to help save you both time and money. The benefits of our services include:

  • Quick and easy setup – Your gift card system will be functioning within days of enrolling in our program.
  • Less potential for fraud – Paper gift card are easy to doctor. Using a professional system makes it harder for fraudsters to duplicate your cards.
  • Easy customization – Get a polished and professional appearance for your business’s gift cards
  • Data and analytics – Find out who is using your cards, how many have been redeemed and what they’re buying to help tailor your gift card program.
  • Cutting edge technology – NMS US uses the most current and up-to-date methods to produce and process your gift cards.