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Businessman insurance agentHigh Risk Merchant Account Services

If you are the manager or proprietor of a high risk business, you have probably noticed that securing affordable and fair terms for credit card processing is extremely difficult. Many merchant account providers refuse high risk business altogether.
At NMS-US, we work with high risk merchant accounts to provide pricing that’s both fair and less expensive — something we can do because we charge the lowest processing rates in the industry, guaranteed. If you’re a high risk merchant, and you can’t find the terms that meet your requirements, you need NMS-US.

What You Need to Know About High Risk Merchant Services

Administrative and regulatory high risk merchants present credit card processors with distinct challenges. Processors, in general, charge higher rates to these business owners.
Even if your own business has demonstrated a clear history of financial success, your processor may have forced you to pay high fees because your business operates in a regulated industry. Your industry may also demonstrate historically high refund rates or bankruptcy risk. You may even suffer because other companies in your industry defrauded the public.

At NMS-US, we will customize a processing plan to suit your specific needs. High risk businesses that are well-run, follow all regulations, maintain accurate records and demonstrate attentive customer service are more likely to earn the lowest possible rates. At NMS-US, we guarantee your business the best possible processing rates.